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Lucerne Carnival 2024

2. February 2024

Lucerne Carnival 2024

The 5th season is just around the corner!

Of course, we'll also be there at the carnival in Lucerne and will provide you with the energy you need to celebrate from TAGWACH on February 8 until GÜDIS-DIENSTAG. Or stay WAKE all day long!

With or without TURBO, we wish you a great time in Lucerne!


If you're so busy partying with your friends that you don't know where to get TurboTony, we've created this map for you!

  1. @hankypankyluzern

  2. @1178luzern

  3. @db_public_house

  4. - Halbschueh Bar

  5. @congressusebrius

  6. @staernhagelvollbar

  7. @liebenaubar

  8. @krienbrueggli

  9. @ristorante_caramia Holdrioschlacht

  10. @alkademics

11. Du Pont

12. @kasparluzern (Moto)

13. @blokbarluzern

14. The Lubo

15. MLG Stubete Bar

16. @pengmarket Proscht main branch

17. @storchenweinbar

18. @lfk_fasnachtskomitee_luzern

19. BHF Lucerne ( @dotw_beerworld, )

20. @labonnecaveluzern

21. @bierliebeandfriends

22. @migrosluzern Hertensteinstrasse

and much more.

With SBB to the Lucerne Carnival

During the Lucerne Carnival from 8 to 14 February 2024, you can enjoy free travel on public transport with the Passepartout Carnival travelcard. Also included are the night star offer, the night S-Bahn trains, SGV extra connections and all early morning services within the purchased zones of the fare network. The family discount is granted on the Passepartout Fasnacht travelcard. The travelcard is personal and non-transferable.

On selected extra trains on the SCHMUDO there is also free El Tony Mateit's worth it!